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Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream 227ml
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Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream 227ml Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream 227ml Ref: STX408

Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream cares for both antique and fine modern furniture. This traditional Beeswax Polish was first formulated in 1760 and has been used by restorers, collectors and householders ever since.

Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream cares for and adds lustre to all types of wood. Regular use will ensure an improving finish.

There are NO Silicones or Artificial Additives in Stones Beeswax Furniture Polish, it contains only the finest beeswax, white spirit, pure soap and essential oils, which are combined with water into an emulsion to produce the distinctive soft cream.

This combination ensures that Stone's has both cleaning and polishing properties while imparting a fresh scent that is reminiscent of the days of great houses and furniture regularly cared for by household staff.

Made in the UK



Price:    4.32 Including  VAT at 20%

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Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream - More Information

Usage Instructions:

The traditional formula contains the finest Beeswax, white spirit, pure soap and essential oils. This combination ensures that Stones Beeswax Furniture Polish has both cleaning and polishing properties.

Dust the furniture. Shake the jar of Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream and apply thinly and buff immediately (before it dries) with a soft, clean cloth.

This will give a hard layer of wax which will not smear and will take further applications if required. Thicker waxes cannot be spread so thinly and are difficult to polish often leaving a soft layer of wax which will smear and collect dirt.

Stone's is also used in antique restoration where application with the finest wire wool takes down dirty, clogged surfaces and ensures sympathetic patina renovation. Stone's Beeswax Cream can be beneficially applied over most other wax as it cuts back the surface dirt and blends with the existing wax to enhance the surface when polished.

Please Note: As this is made with natural products consistancy and smell may vary.

History of Stones Beeswax Furniture Cream:

166 Fore Street, Exeter, Devon. England was the headquarters and factory of Stone's of Exeter since about 1760. A wide range of pharmaceuticals were manufactured for both human and animal use.

A photograph taken in about 1900 shows a production line producing a large quantity of the polish. At that time it was probably the only manufactured polish on the market.

Hilda Stone and cousin Alan were the last members of the family to own and manage the business. They were both well known and respected in the West Country.

In 1942 the building, along with much of Exeter was destroyed by bombing. Manufacture was moved out of town. Hilda and Alan soon retired passing the business on to their employees as neither had any family of their own.

In about 1960 the business was sold to Jackson's, a local manufacturing chemist, who by 1990 had become a small part of the multinational Cadbury Schweppes. Furniture polish did not blend with the production of cough sweets, and so production ceased.

Louisa Wagg asked a friend, who was the production manager, if there was any stock left as the polish was no longer available in the shops. The answer came back that there was no stock available but if she sent her husband around they would teach him how to make it.

David Wagg has been in production ever since. Christopher Chanter became a partner in 1998 and has been very successful in regaining markets lost some fifty years ago.

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